design and planning

Industrial Valves offers customers a consultancy service at design stage that is aimed at identifying the optimum product solution to deliver the best whole life solution. Our knowledge of individual product performance and suitability allows customers to benefit from savings that may otherwise be overlooked as a result of inappropriate product selection.

Through our experience at supplying product solutions rather than a single type of product we can pass on savings to customers relating to packages.

By working with customers and suppliers we are able utilising our design facilities to develop products for specific requirements. In the past we have made improvements to core products which have led to cost savings to customers.

Industrial Valves works very closely with customers to achieve a solution that will offer not only value for money on initial purchase but which will offer an enhanced whole life cost solution. Through the level of technical expertise at its disposal Industrial Valves is able to advise customers at design stage re the selection and performance of products which can lead to savings to customers and improved technical performance.

We offer full training and technical consultancy as standard to customers. This is supplied free of charge. Technical support can be on site within 24 hours if necessary.

It is the objective of Industrial Valves to provide products and services of the highest quality and in compliance with the client’s specified requirements.

Industrial Valves recognises that genuine commitment to understanding the present and future needs of its customers is essential to the achievements of those objectives and thus continually strives to ensure that the needs and reasonable expectations of the customer are realised in the quality of products and services it provides.

As part of our commitment to quality we offer a full before and after sales service to assist customers with the selection and use of products. This includes the design of valve systems and valve sizing. Our commitment to quality manifests itself not only in our total commitment to the customers’ needs but extends to offering services which will enhance the offering to customers.

At initial stages of a product we offer a consultancy service designed to ensure correct product specification. This is accompanied by full site surveys where required and following delivery and installation a final commissioning program prior to hand over. By adopting this approach we are able to control each part of the supply chain to ensure the highest quality of product and service delivery

Industrial Valves Site Services Division specialises in “On Site” valve and actuator customer support. Backed by an in house CAD design and CNC machining centre with an experienced team of engineers able to fully support your site requirements for valves, actuated valves and associated equipment.

Services include installation of new or replacement actuated valves, manual valves and retrospective fitting of actuators to existing valves, penstocks and similar flow control equipment. Mounting kits, pedestals, shafting and all necessary engineered parts are designed and manufactured in house.

From inquiry to commissioning, our comprehensive service includes
• New valve and actuator packages
• On site valve and actuator services.
• Installation and commissioning.
• Site Survey.
• Manufacture of mounting kits and adaption.
• In house CAD, CNC and fabrication.
• ISO 9001 2008.

we design and set up some plants in pharmaceutical , food and beverage , oil and gas industries

you can contact to REMAX ENERGY company for more information about design and setup the plants in different industries.

CAD Models And Today’s Engineers

In the past, it was common that an engineer would speak with a supplier about his or her need for a part or component, from what they would use it for to the exact dimensions that they required. The supplier would then provide a drawing by fax or email, and 30 minutes or more of conversations would follow, along with additional drawings until both sides agreed on the “perfect fit.”

Today’s and tomorrow’s newer technological capabilities enable engineers to find and build the part they need online, download a 3D model, insert it directly into their design, and immediately assess its fit. The direct insert also reduces risks of “$10,000 mistakes,” which can easily occur when one wrong spec gets picked up by an individual engineer, who copies it into several colleagues’ systems.

Manufacturers should work with a technology solution that makes the collaboration between engineers and their suppliers more efficient. A CAD software that is agnostic (will work with any brand) and includes a viewer is highly recommended. What makes engineers’ job easier is a solution that has the ability to configure drawings to create customized parts — making millions of design variations possible.