manufacturing industrial valves

REMAX ENERGY is one of the manufacturer a wide range of industrial valves. we are one of the flexible companies that produce tailor made equipment for our customer. we produce the special equipment for companies according to their operating condition. it cause that we can consider all of problems in production process. we are a general range of equipment for regular use. general equipment like gate valves , globe valves , diaphragm valves , needle valves , check valves and etc

Industrial Valves Limited operates an in house machine and fabrication facility which is able to manufacture ancillary valve equipment including the machining of drive bushes, manufacture of pedestals and extension spindles. The ability to produce these items in house ensures accuracy of manufacture and speed of response.

Industrial Valves Limited has invested heavily in new CNC machines which when used in conjunction with CAD modelling allow the production of parts to very high standards thereby improving quality and performance.

Key to high quality manufacture is the accuracy of design drawing produced. Industrial Valves Engineering department utilises state of the art CAD software to improve its own products and works closely with suppliers to improve their product performance.

We have recently upgraded our design capabilities by purchasing the latest CAD drawing facilities incorporating finite element analysis which has allowed us to improve performance of valves through optimisation in designs. We are currently working with a number of universities and design specialist to utilise state of the art engineering testing including photo elastic stress analysis to seek improvements in the design of our products.

We operate an Inventa CAD package incorporating CAD design and finite element analysis. All valves supplied by ourselves can be provided in 3D CAD blocks / drawings including those fitted with gearboxes, actuators and other ancillary items.

Industrial Valves believes that continuous improvement of products is achieved by innovation which in turn leads to initial cost savings and whole life cost savings.The availability of an in house manufacturing facility allows us to offer engineered solutions to customers.

Where product is not available immediately to customers we are able to offer alternative solutions based upon our extensive product knowledge for either a short term or a long term solution. By utilising our in house machine shop and site services team we are often able to manufacture a temporary solution and carry out retrofit works on site at a later period while allowing the main contractor to carry on with works.